432 is an audiovisual essay on the relationship between the human being and the natural physical space (Dunas de Longotoma, Chile).

The film expresses the silent and subtle dialogue that takes place between the bodies, that is, between the human figures and the dunes. The bodies seem to become aware of space and respond to the physical stimuli that occurs, such as wind, sand, temperature and sunlight. The action of perceiving the texture and temperature of the sand, a body moving in relation to the sunlight, clothes waving in the wind, inhabiting a tree, are some of the simple situations of perception of physical space in which the camera settles.

The wind blurs the outline of the dunes, causing the dimensions of this geographical element to be constantly transforming, without ever achieving a certain shape. This characteristic of an unfinished image is applied to the structure of the audiovisual piece, that way certain elements are very subtle and only suggest, so each viewer builds the work based on their own imagination, generating different possible readings.

These two characteristics –the presentation of physical perception in relationship to space and this unfinished image structure– is what makes 432 a work in which the discipline of dance meets audiovisual language.

Amelia Ibáñez, Marcos Sánchez

Matilde Amigo, Simón Pascal, Carlos Palacios, Jesús Briceño, Alexandra Miller

Sound Design
Juan Pablo Aguirre

Direction of photography
Marcos Sánchez

Costume Design
Francisco Calbacho, Barbara Müller

Francisco Calbacho