Matilde seeks to connect knowledge to sensitivity, from a space of listening and genuine revelation. She develops transdisciplinary research processes with diverse work teams, seeking different ways to open up and reconsider “consensual” information approaches.

She is the creator of MARCIAL (2018-2022), exhibited at: Amalgama Art “Opposing Frictions” at Koppel X (London); in Spotlights Barcú (Bogotá); Fronteras de la imagen at the Bogotá Cinematheque (Colombia); Festival LOOP at Museo Picasso (Barcelona); Ch-Cx Festival at Monopol (Berlin). She is also the director of TAO TE QUEEN (ongoing); HISTORIA NATURAL (2018); JUNTA (2015) and GRUPO H (2016).

She's been in different art residences such as El Graner, L'Estruch, La Poderosa and La Visiva. She is currently a resident of La Escocesa (Barcelona) and associated with NAVE, centro de creación (Santiago, Chile).

She works as a performer in FRONTERA/PROCESIÓN - A Water Ritual and FRONTERA/BORDER - A Living in Monument by Amanda Piña (2022); TRANSMATRIA by Rocio Marano (2022); APOCALIPSIS ENTRE AMIGOS by Julián Pacomio (2021-2022); RELÁMPAGO by Sofia Montenegro (2021); TWO PLANETS HAVE BEEN COLLIDING FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS by Dora García (2022).

Master in Scenic Practice and Visual Culture at Museo Reina Sofía and Universidad Castilla la Mancha (2020). Degree in Dance Pedagogy at Universidad de Arte y Ciencias Sociales ARCIS, Chile (2010). Studies in Art, Technique and Technology at Universidad de Chile (2019); and in Chinese Medicine from the San Bao School of Traditional Chinese Medicine (2012).