Apocalipsis entre amigxs o el día simplemente

PERFORMER in Apocalispsis entre amigxs o el día simplemente by JULIÁN PACOMIO. La Capella Live Arts Award, residency at Graner 2021. Barcelona, September 2021.

We've been going to bed early for a long time. We are people of the day, the night is a matter of others. We wait for the apocalypse together, everyone, here. At some point the familiar, the intimate, will become disturbing and the end will come peacefully, kindly.

Something dark will emerge to the surface accusing life, and nothing will be the same, the memories - the ones from then - will no longer matter, and only the strongest will serve, that is, those of now. We will never be contemporary again and only daylight will remain.


[...] this does not make sense, but the rest does not make sense, but the rest is death.


  • Graner. Centro de Danza y Artes Vivas. Barcelona.
  • O Rumo do Fumo. Lisboa
  • PACAP #4. Forum Dança. Lisboa.
  • Estudios Vitor Cordon. Lisboa
  • Fabra i Coats – Fábrica de Creación. Barcelona.
  • ARAR. La Caldera. Barcelona.


  • September 24th 2021. La Capella. Barcelona.

  • February 5th 2022. Azkuna Zentroa. Bilbao.


Barcelona Producció. Centre d’Art La Capella.  Acció en viu.

Ayudas a Artistas Visuales de Extremadura.

Julián Pacomio

Sara Vieira Marques, Marina Dubia, Víctor Colmenero Mir, Nina Botkay, Ángela Millano, Luis Moreno Zamorano y Matilde Amigo.

Light Design
Santiago Rodríguez Tricot

Borja Caro

Alexandra Laudo

Costum design
Pancho Bagnara

Graphic design
Blanca G. Terán

Mila Ercoli.