BELIEVE II is an audiovisual capsule that is part of the MARCIAL project, which supports a space to imagine, think and mobilize planetary issues based on the idea of a future on Mars. The BELIEVE capsule series of videos is a training for the possibility of traveling to the planet Mars.
BELIEVE II, is a piece in collaboration with Jose Jimenez filmed in the dunes of Papudo, Chile.

“Faced with this imperialist fantasy driven by the technological elites of Silicon Valley, Believe II by Matilde Amigo subverts this imaginary by betting on "low cost, feminist and Latin American science fiction and the reappropriation of martial techniques to subvert the paradigm of colonial patriarchy". Unlike Elon Musk, he does not start from a desire for conquest but from an exploration of space through movement, in search of other ways of inhabiting. It is a speculative exercise that, far from proposing an evasion of the ecosocial crisis, invites us to reflect on our current relationship with the planet. Here terraforming is presented as a form of distancing in the Brechtian sense, proposing a mental experiment for humanity to learn from. The crucial question from which such an experiment starts is, "How can we experience the world in other ways?"”

Toni navarro

“In this multidimensional project, Amigo proposes space travel as an analogy to understand our presence and future on this planet. Conceiving Mars as an escape from a world in crisis, she questions which humans should be allowed to travel to distant new worlds so the same mistakes made on Earth are not replicated there. By using the Red Planet as political fiction, this project allows us to reflect on our current existence, imagine other futures and propose alternative ways of living in the only home we have ever known. One could also consider the parallels in preparing to live on another planet with the emotions and experiences of those who migrate across the world.”

Jane Soliman 


- Eva Paia - Festival Loop Museo Picasso 
- Barcelona Cultura - Festival Loop Museo Picasso
Toni NavarroPantalla Hamaca:  Lo unico que vale la pena empezar: El Fin del Mundo.
- Jane Soliman - Amalgama’s 2022 Group Exhibition- Opposing Fictions / Koppel X London, UK

Director and performer: Matilde Amigo Fernández
Audiovisual Director: Jose Jimenéz
Assistant director: Ricardo Montt and María José García
Music: Futuro Fósil


Title: Believe II
Duration: 9m27s
Year of production: 2021
Location of Production: Chile
Subtitles available: Spanish / English

Production format (original): DSLR 1080 x 1920 Full HD
Digital master format and aspect ratio: Apple ProRes 422 HQ 16:9

License (Creative Commons, Copyright, Copyleft, etc): Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)