The Barcelona Institute of Culture (ICUB) and the Barcelona Education Consortium (CEB) develop Creators IN RESIDÈNCiA in Barcelona institutes, a program that introduces contemporary creation in public secondary education centers through direct contact between a creator and students. EN RESIDÈNCiA was devised in cooperation with the A Bao A Qu Association, it invites artists to conceive a work specifically designed to be carried out together with a group of compulsory secondary education (ESO) students. Throughout the course and within school hours, students participate in its conception and implementation.

︎︎︎ EN RESiDENCiA at Instituto Salvador Espriu

Yadira Ivonne Aguilar Blandin, Diego Fabrizio Arce Carbajal, Nour Alhouda Ben Mohammed Bounkhala, Santiago Dos Santos Alves, Yahya El Mrini Serraj, Oscar Garcia Sahuquillo, LoÏc Alexandre Jones, Yevheniy Kholod, Fang Liu, Keyri Mariel Nuñez Moncada, Daniel Joel Pacheco Soriano, Juan Pablo Prieto Ramirez, Nahuel Rios Cabrejas, Kevin Robles Ibañez, Jan Roca Asensio, Nuzly Santos Turcios, Tengizi Tasoev, Jonathan Osmar Toro Cosio, Maderlin Zapata Santana, Xinhao Zhang Lin.

Cristóbal Carrasco and Mónica Sandoval

Curated and coordinated by
A Bao A Qu

Instituto de Cultura de Barcelona
Consorcio de Educación de Barcelona