ECOSISTEMA is an instance of massive and community celebration with more than 100 performers on stage, among citizens and dancers who intervene in the public space. The piece is an invitation to live a collective experience around movement, the senses and the landscape.

ECOSISTEMA is a living, conscious organism that beats, breathes and is built in the present time. The performers arrange their bodies to the energy and the language that they build as a whole. Through a collective, spontaneous game the sound and light stimuli (mapping), they manage to transform the urban landscape into human ecosystems. A progressive synergy that becomes an effervescent and citizen party.

Ecosistema was created to close the XXV edition of the Santiago a Mil Festival in 2017 in the Plaza de la Constitución, Palacio de la Moneda. The same year it was in charge of closing the Barrio Arte Festival in the esplanade of the National Museum of Contemporary Art, in both instances the participation of the public reached more than 3000 people

José Vidal

Jose Vidal & Compañía + 100 participantes ciudadanos

Diego Noguera

Chelo Parada

Delight Lab

Catalina Avaria, Mayo Rodríguez and Víctor Silva

Artemisa Cifuentes, Darío Oyarzún and Javier Escuti

Fabian Cambero