More than a scenic piece, Ensayo is an experience that takes place in a specific place: the Patricio Bunster room. In that place, 60 people, including dancers, actors, singers, but also lawyers, architects, psychologists, etc. will form a choir together with sound and visual artists. This multisensory experience is conceived and directed by the prominent chilean choreographer José Vidal.

Direction and Choreography
Jose Vidal

Vocal Direction
Silvia Vivanco

Live Music
Diego Noguera Berger

Sound Design
Enrique Olivares

Light Architecture
Andrea Gana and Octavio Gana (Delight Lab)

Light Design and Technic Chief
Julio Escobar

Costum Design
Ponny Lee (Felipe Criado)

Executive Production
Mayo Rodríguez Baeza

General Production
Catalina Avaria

Production Assistance
Simón Pascal

Production and communications coordinator
Víctor Silva

Francisca Maturana, Alan Ibáñez

Community Manager
Darío Oyarzún

Fabian Cambero