GROUP H (1925-1927) is a collaborative research developed in 2015. It arises in the field of contemporary dance and was created in the context of the open call for artists made by Goethe Institute Chile, NAVE and CIM A/E, to investigate practices of Memory and Archive of dance practices.

It addresses the historical storytelling of dance in Chile in the first half of the Twentieth Century, the period in which its institutionalization began. This piece consideres the sociopolitical and poetic context of those years, a period when the question of the body and its performativities was a creative territory of practices that today would be though of as avant-garde, practices that are not included in the official history.

The research arises from a two-month residency at NAVE, and to date it has been deployed in various formats: performative conferences, fanzine, video art, installation, workshops, performances. The work is modified according to the context of exhibition in order to best communicate its critical and methodological prism: GRUPO H is a uchronia that fissures historical time developing a fictional account of the performativities of “los anónimes”. Thus, it mobilizes and expands the official history of dance and connects with the potentialities of manifest new imagined stories of possible bodies, practices and dances.


  • Residencia de investigación y creación DenkTanz / NAVE, Santiago de Chile.


  • Conferencia Performática. Apertura del proceso de residencia DenkTankz / NAVE, Agosto del 2015.

  • Conferencia Performática y Laboratorio Prácticas Poéticas. Simposio: Danza, Memoria & Archivo Re-moviendo la danza Goethe Institut Chile / NAVE. Diciembre del 2015.

  • Instalación “Sin Título”. Espacio Off / Centro Cultural de España. Junio del 2016.

  • Recital Poético / Performance Grupo H. Encuentro PARALEL-O emergencia performática. Sala de Máquinas. Enero del 2019.


  • Goethe Institut Chile
  • CIM/AE
  • CCE, Centro Cultural de España
  • NAVE, Centro de Creación y Residencia Artística

Matilde Amigo Fernández

Natalia Ramirez Püschel, Hugo Castillo Marchant y Matilde Amigo Fernández.

Pablo Schalscha Duxrud

Matias Carvajal Silva

Goethe Institut, NAVE, CIM/AE, CCE