“Inventario.4” premiered for the first time in 2007 at the Robin Howard Dance Theater at The Place, with dancers from various backgrounds under the name “Inventario”.

In 2011, José Luis Vidal restage this piece, especially for the Escena 1 Festival, with a renewed perspective with an outstanding cast of independent chilean performers. In this new version, he incorporates the human absurdity and the narrative as a principle in which physicality and sound resources are added to his well-known obsession with structure, play and improvisation.

Inventario.4 is defined by its director as a spatial and rhythmic game between the performers, in which they explore different narratives and their possibilities of development and divergence in the story. It is a performative exercise in which the performers face the scene through apparent improvisation as a tool that gives life to the work supported by an underlying numerical structure.

The spectator has an active role, since he/she/they is challenged to decipher, behind the colors and costumes, the complex order that unfolds.

José Vidal

Assistance direction

Loreto Leonvendagar

Paula Sacur, Javiera Peón Veiga, Valentín Keller, Jesús Briceño, Ana José Manríquez, Matilde Amigo, Gonzalo Morales, Jonathan Inostroza, Sebastián de la Cuesta, Loreto Leonvendagar.

Angélica Vial

Integral design
Jean Petipas

Costume design
Carmen Vial

Claudio Rojas

Constanza Fernández