Relámpago: Agitar con Fuerza

PERFORMER AND CREATIVE ACCOMPANIMENT IN `RELÁMPAGO´ BY SOFÍA MONTENEGRO. Artists in Residence 2020, joint program of La Casa Encendida, the CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo and the MACBA / Barcelona, 2021.

Rélámpago: Agitar con Fuerza is a scenic exercise of actions and noises, testing various methodologies of sound creation to transform the perception of what is observed through various cinematographic sound techniques. Unlike in the cinema, sound simulation is not used here to synchronize the sound with the image, the process is reversed to observe what images arise in the imagination.


With the support of Ayudas a la Creación de la Comunidad de Madrid and Generalitat de Catalunya

Festival Acento, CA2M y LCE.

Stage accompaniment
Matilde Amigo

Stage consulting  
Elise Moureau, Silvia Zayas, Paulina Chamorro, Javier Cruz

Sound technician 
Joan Cabrer