Collective stories from MARCIAL


(When oppening their eyes and wake up to the world, a small black bird will forge their destiny).

When I grow up and give my first lash with my black wings, I exercise a peculiar flight so other animals should not notice me; both accompanied and alone I can fly only because I feed on carrion. Omens I can warn you, but you should not consider me as a being that always carries sorrows and that infects souls with fear and sadness. The rumor spreads that I always bring death with me, but they do not realize that I have come to warn them of it, and that it is not only my duty to cover their minds with bad omens, since sometimes I bring good deeds. However, I think that my intellect presides over or intuits situations that can be made by effects of nature, anticipating fragments that the noble mother earth allows me to decipher and that does not mean I am the carrier of bad omen.

With so much to say, so short is my time to be able to speak, so I spread my wings to fulfill my duty and enjoy the beautiful sky, in these ten to fifteen years of life that I can enjoy.

Keyri Mariel Nuñez Moncada
4º ESO Instituto Salvador Espriu


I am a cat of the common european breed, greyish in color, my name is Tom and I am 9 years old, I live with my owners, I don't know their names or anything, but I know there are four of them, they take good care of me and they love me. As for me, as I said, I am a common european breed cat, I have blue eyes and I have a little blindness, although I still see quite well, this is because I am getting old. I have a friend, his name is Zeus and he is a cat of the same breed as me, although of a different color, he is 2 years old. My life was quite calm, I was born in the mountains and I ended up in the house of my owners, they adopted me, since I live here, nothing very important has happened to me, I have only been friendly with humans and without making a lot of trouble, I like to stay calm and be affectionate, although humans I don't know scare me a bit and I hide. At the moment, my life is moving forward and everything is going very well, I hope it continues like this. I have had several companions throughout my life, I don't know where they are or anything, I hope they are still well, other companions I had, unfortunately, died and are now in heaven, I hope they are fine there too.

Nahuel Rios Cabrejas
4º ESO Instituto Salvador Espriu


Hello, my name is Lucia and I am an ant, my day to day is very common, I work all day collecting food, since that is my job; then there are other jobs like the one my friend Bruno has, he collects materials found on the streets and he takes them to the anthill, the anthill is a very special place because is where we sleep, eat, play with our friends, etc. Humans often confuse us a lot with termites when we go to get food at home, but we are not the same, we have a narrowest waist between the abdomen and the thorax than termites do. Our species is also hypersocial and we tend to live in organized communities underground, in mounds at ground level or in trees. Carpenter ants live in the woods and can damage buildings, another type of ant is the soldier ant that defy the norm and have no permanent homes.

Our communities are led by one or several queen ants, whose mission in life is to lay thousands of eggs to guarantee the survival of the colonies. The worker ants (me), the ones that you usually see, are wingless females that do not reproduce, instead, we collect food, take care of the queen's offspring, build anthills, protect the community and do many other tasks.

Santi Dos Santos
4º ESO Instituto Salvador Espriu


I'm Milo, a cat in a school. I'm shy and fearful for several reasons, one of those reasons is because I'm in a leopards high school and I'm just a simple cat.

My family is poor but humble, but I am very embarrassed to arrive by bicycle when all the leopards arrive in luxurious cars. When I say anything they laugh at me and always make me feel inferior. Even the teachers laugh at me, I feel very inferior to the others. After that, in my soccer team they always treat me well because I am the best in the team and because I train a lot.

One day I had to play against those who are second in the league because we are in first place, the day of the game we were all very nervous but I was always positive, when I went out onto the field I realized that the players from the other team were the leopards of my school and that's when I felt very nervous. At the beginning of the game it started very evenly but they scored two goals against us, when I fell everyone from the other team laughed, so they gave me a free kick and I scored it, after half an hour we were losing 2-1, at half-time, the coach gave us motivated us and we went out on the field with enthusiasm, the other team only knew how to play dirty but they wouldn't be able to stop us, we scored goal after goal without stopping until we reached 6-2 and what made me most happy was seeing them lose the league and us with the trophy.

Loïc Alexandre Jones
4º ESO Instituto Salvador Espriu


Hello, I am a butterfly. My friends and family call me “MARIPOSA DE BARRIO” this is because despite all the difficulties I have had so far I am still here.

I remember when I was a caterpillar many times I wondered if a butterfly could come, I have never had confidence in myself, but my best friend has always told me that I am beautiful and strong. Maybe I shouldn't but I love putting myself on a human finger, my mother scolds me daily but I still do it, I'm a rebellious butterfly haha. I love the nectar of flowers, especially that of roses.

Nuzly Yaneth Santos Turcios
4º ESO Instituto Salvador Espriu


I am a wolf, I was born in the middle of two dimensions, between the dimension of the earth and of narnia, now I live in narnia but I go every month since I was born to the forests of the earth because I have friends, with my friends from there, we go clean up the woods. Me and my friends from Narnia have already cleaned 200 forests, we leave them without a single plastic, without anything that pollutes those forests, let's hope that humans help us in this good cause.

In Narnia, happily, everyone is respectful of the environment and we don't have to do this, in Narnia we live like those who live on Mars, everyone shares the countryside with everyone, we have the best technology, but without polluting, we do everything so that our planet Narnia be the best as possible...

On earth all the animals that live in two dimensions help to clean different things, the sea, the city, the forests, etc…

When we finish everything, I'll go with my friends, with my herd, to play on earth in clean and beautiful places.

Diego Fabrizio Arce Carbajal
4º ESO Instituto Salvador Espriu


My name is Sofia and I am a free butterfly with beautiful wings that lead me to feel full freedom. I always remember the beautiful story and the advice that filled me completely, that my mother told me before she died, the death of my mother was very hard for me, every day I saw her beautiful colors, which always illuminated me every time, they where turning off, however I was very lucky to be able to spend good times with her. The only bad thing about being a butterfly is that we have a very short life expectancy, my mother always told me that you have to live life to the fullest, since you don't know what might happen the next day. The story that she used to tell me was about my birth and my stage of growth, the day I came to light, she said that my birth was beautiful, at first it was a simple egg, which lived under a leaf, to prevent something bad from happening to me, then I gradually became a caterpillar, which fed on everything green, in order to continue growing, I used to shed my skin a lot until there was a day when I used my old skin to turn it into something stronger in something to hold onto, a defenseless chrysalis, my mother said that it was incredible to contemplate that moment in which a beautiful life, full of color and freedom, came out of something so defenseless and so weak. She always said a phrase that filled me with hope and energy "don't be so obtuse to see the beauty that can come from the ashes, that the greater the struggle, the more glorious the triumph."

Yadira Ivonne Aguilar Blandin
4º ESO Instituto Salvador Espriu


Hello my name is crispy, today I woke up and my owner gave me a good plate of dog food with sausages, it was delicious. After that I rested a bit because I was very full, my owner took me for a walk with my friends, one of them, Firulais, my best friend, and I always have a great time together. My life as a dog is very normal but quite different from humans because I go on all fours, I rest less, I run a lot and at the end of the day I am very tired. Thank you for paying attention to me, this is my day to day being a dog.

Yahya El Mrini Serraj
4º ESO Instituto Salvador Espriu


I'm Oscar the gorilla, I love to eat and sleep all day. My life is simple, because I have an appearance and strength that intimidates other animals, not many dare to hunt me.

I'm not a carnivore, so I don't go hunting to look for food, I just take the plants or fruits around me and that's enough for me.

I have lived quite a long time, about 20 years or so, but I don't feel old or tired at all so I don't think I have a short time to live.

Many of my fellow gorillas tell me that I looks like a sloth inside a gorilla's body, and that it would be more common for me to be that animal. But I am grateful that I am not that animal, because, although many people think that they don't move due to laziness, I saw with my own eyes how they easily hunted one, because when trying to flee the sloth accelerated too much and its heart stopped working, dying instantly. That's why I'd hate to be one of them, I don't think I'd last long living as one.

Oscar García Sahuquillo
4º ESO Instituto Salvador Espriu


I have never learned to classify myself, to describe myself, because I don't see. In my species we perceive through the sensory, our weight, friction and shock.

I was born in a river in the city of Santiago, Chile; me and my kind are called Plasdra, a new species of demineralized stones, a mixed conglomeration of plastic waste and other substances found on the banks of a dry river dump used by those so-called humans.

Our organization is mutable as well as what constitutes each one of us, materials are constantly adhered to and detached from us according to the season of the year. In winter we are reborn, in summer we solidify.

We are a nomadic species, we move by kicks, tosses or when water enters the riverbed. It is here when our mutable capacity is exacerbated, letting go of the idea of origin to prepare ourselves to grow and develop.

Studies say that we are a plague, I feel like trash, forgotten beings for the good of the ruling species: the human. We are invisible to the eyes of nature, they say that we litter this world, that we are not organic, but at the same time we feel.

For those who believe they are the owners of this river, of this country, of this continent, of this planet, we do not exist as well as the stones and the grass.

Jose Bidegain